Master Educator Stylist

Like so many young girls, Cherie Payne began her hair and beauty journey in her grandmother’s kitchen. Growing up in South Los Angeles, as her grandmother combed, pressed, braided and styled her hair, Cherie practiced on dolls of her own, not realizing that the techniques she was learning would help her launch own business.


As she got older, Cherie became known for her incredible hair and beauty looks, with people coming from all over the neighborhood to prep for church or prom or just an important date night out. When her son was born, Cherie decided to turn her passion into a business. When she arrived as a new student at beauty school, the classes came easily and it became clear she was at the top of the class. Even as a student, Cherie’s chair was always booked as word of her excellence continued to grow– and the demand was so strong that she opened her first salon soon after graduating from beauty school.


After more than 30 years in the business, as makeup artist, hair stylist, and beauty curator, Cherie is excited to share her newest venture, Renue. More than just a salon, Renue is a space for wellness, beauty, and community. As a mother, daughter, and matriarch, Cherie has made sure her space is welcoming and calming for both clients and other stylists.


Differentiating it from traditional salons, Renue is also a place for new and emerging stylists to learn and develop their craft, for seasoned stylists to bring their experience and techniques. And, of course, the diverse and welcoming space makes clients feel right at home. Visit the salon to see for yourself. At Renue, however you arrive, you’ll leave feeling beautiful and cared for.

“I want to be able to help other stylists, in whatever area of their life they need that support- that extra cake or boost, or encouragement or motivation, I want to be able to do that.”